Welcome to Ray - Lite Optical Industries :

Welcome to the 3D Market, where you can browse our amazing selection of paper and plastic 3D glasses. We introduce ourselves as manufacturers and suppliers of 3D Glasses. We offer high quality 3D glasses suitable for all types of 3D projection systems ( passive ) , such as Master Image , Real D , 2K , Technicolor , UFO passive system , I-max , Qube , Depth Q etc.

Our's is thirty years old optical goods manufacturing company experienced in the field of sunglasses , Photochromic Lenses , CR-39 Polarized sunglasses , Optical frames & lenses.

We had supplied 3D glasses to " Shiva Ka lnsaaf " , "CHHOTA CHETAN" & several other films in 1985-86.

‘3-D’ Digital projection system evolved with “AVATAR”.

We supplied more than half million 3D Glasses for Films like: Ra.One, Don2, Dam-999, Haunted & Hollywood Films like Harry Potter, Tintin etc.

We provide very economically priced High Quality 3D Projector Filters suitable for projecting Digital 3D Films on the Silver Screen.

We manufacture Linear Polarized 3D Glasses for 4D Theaters popular in Amusement parks & Malls and Science & Educational institutes.

Our prices are very competitive & we can offer technical support.